Solving your biomass measurement problem



OptoScale's Bioscope is the ultimate measurement tool for the aquaculture industry, providing a complete overview of the biomass within a fish cage. This is made possible by our use of patent pending, state of the art technology.

We have done several test against harvest results, and see that on average we are within our goal of 2% error.



Stable and robust suspension system

The Bioscope is always kept at det correct angle due to the custom suspension system we have created.


2x High resolution cameras

Each camera captures 200 pictures every second, meaning we have å lot of information about each fish swimming past. All this data is processed onboard the unit before being sent to the cloud.


Data transfer

Data is sent automatically to the cloud, no need for any setup, just plug in power and you are up and running!


Structured light

We have developed a unique method for estimating the size of each individual fish swimming past our sensor. The extreme precision is enabled by laser optics, developed by long time experts in the field.



Together with fish farmers we have developed our own easy to use software for accessing, viewing, and exporting relevant data about your fish, all through your browser. Achieve greater insights in growth per day across several fish cages, locations, or even regions to boost your overall productivity.​

Our software contains the following modules:

  • Overview of your farm and BioScopes

  • Weight development 

  • Comparative analyses – how is the fish cage 1 growing compared to cage 2?

  • Weight distribution

  • Export functionality

The data we generate is only useful once it has been interpreted by users on the fish farm. This has been taken into careful consideration when we built our software, and is why we have worked closely with fish farmerswhen developing the software.


How much did your fish grow, and how much did you feed it? This is easy to find out by using our graphical interface.

Weight distribution in the netpens.

Monitoring all netpens at once.



We love working together with our customers! That’s why we say that our job is not done before the customer says so. This manifests itself in several ways, for instance how we do continous equipment surveillance, in order to detect errors and maintenance needs before they cause downtime. If necessary we will catch the first flight to come and help, because we are dedicated to delivering a great service! 

We are only as good as our customers think we are, and we want this to be reflected in the work we do.



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